Poole Harbour Second Crossing

With extreme traffic pressure on Poole’s existing road bridge, this new crossing is an essential component in the town’s strategy for future growth. Connecting the Old Town to Lower Hamsworthy across a busy channel, the second crossing opens almost hourly for maritime traffic. The design is driven by the need for robustness and reliability.

The bridge is configured as a simple bascule – a flat deck with two hydraulically operated lifting sections. Normally the joint between each section is transverse, but here it is skewed across the deck creating two triangular leaves. These cross as they rise and come to rest in an overlapping composition, mirroring the shape of racing yachts passing through the bridge in this international sailing centre. As they lift the bridge becomes a sculptural piece, introducing new vertical elements into the otherwise flat vista of sea, land and sky.

Appointed 2002
Borough of Poole, UK
Borough of Poole,
£11.9 million