Compton & Edrich Stands, Lord's Cricket Ground, London

London, UK

In late 2017, WilkinsonEyre was commissioned for the redevelopment of the Compton and Edrich stands at Lord’s Cricket Ground. Our approach seeks to bring distinctive architectural designs to Lord’s which complement both the historic and contemporary architectural context, while optimising seating provision and public amenities. 

In addition, the designs will greatly improve the east-facing frontage, creating a new and improved view for fans arriving from across the globe on match days. To mitigate disruption to match fixtures, a rapid-build design was developed to ensure that the stands were ready for use during the 2020 season. 

Our overall vision is to create a harmonious relationship between the Compton and Edrich stands sitting either side of the Media Centre. Forming part of a collection of buildings throughout the masterplan, the new stands will be synonymous with the ‘Village Green’ analogy which remains at the heart of Lord’s identity.

The proposals provide a range of seating and hospitality areas, new concourses that address the Nursery Ground, public realm and landscaping, and increase the current capacity of the stands from 9,000 to 11,500 seats. The redevelopment of the Compton and Edrich stands will secure the future of Lord’s cricket ground as a world class sporting venue.