Compton and Edrich stands open at Lord’s Cricket Ground

Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) President and Sri Lankan cricket great, Kumar Sangakkara, officially opened the Compton and Edrich stands at Lord’s Cricket Ground today, in front of the first full crowds for a Test match at Lord’s since 2019.

The redeveloped Compton and Edrich stands were designed by WilkinsonEyre, constructed by ISG and engineered by global engineering consultancy Buro Happold. They have replaced the former structures with significantly improved facilities that will future proof the Home of Cricket, while complimenting the unique character of the Ground.

Our approach seeks to add to the distinctive architecture for which Lord’s has become renowned, a place where historic and contemporary buildings of the highest quality constitute the global Home of Cricket.  The earlier stands, at the ground's Nursery (eastern) End, had become inadequate to the needs of modern spectators, with restricted sightlines in the lower tiers and upper tiers entirely exposed to the elements.  The replacement stands expand capacity by 2,600 seats, as well as providing much needed toilets and catering facilities at this end of the ground. 

Away from the match facing side the design is careful to consider the appearance of the east-facing frontage, creating an improved appearance greeting fans on match days. A rapid-build design was developed to minimise disruption to the cricket calendar, although in the event much of the construction took place during the 2020 pandemic.  

The stands provide a range of seating and hospitality areas, new concourses and circulation areas overlooking the Nursery Ground, public realm and landscaping. The capacity of both stands has increased from 9,000 to 11,600 seats, with much of the original seating retained and reused on sustainability grounds. The completion of the Compton and Edrich stands in time for the 2021 season has ensured the future of Lord’s cricket ground as a world class sporting venue.

Creating a harmonious relationship with Future Systems' Media Centre (1999), the new stands add to a collection of buildings that uphold the ‘Village Green’ ambience which remains at the heart of Lord’s identity.

MCC President Kumar Sangakkara, said: “I am incredibly proud to have the honour of opening these magnificent new stands. One of the key focuses during my tenure as President was the development of Lord’s as a leading venue in world cricket, and it’s an incredible moment to see this ambition achieved and full of life with cricket supporters enjoying the stands.

It’s wonderful that we are joined by family members of the great Denis Compton and Bill Edrich for this memorable occasion, two fantastic players and characters of the game who were a joy to watch. Their entertaining presence will be remembered through these stands for years to come and will no doubt be accompanied by many more historic moments on the field at Lord’s.”    

MCC Chief Executive & Secretary Guy Lavender, said: “It’s been fascinating watching these stands evolve over the past two years. In what has been a challenging time for everybody, finally opening these stands fully to be enjoyed by of cricket supporters for this Test match is a significant, and heart-warming, moment. 

There has been an incredible amount of hard work to achieve this milestone and I would like to thank everybody who has been involved in this project, which has truly been a team effort.”