CF Toronto Eaton Centre Bridge wins Toronto Urban Design Award

We are pleased to announce that CF Toronto Eaton Centre Bridge has won the Toronto Urban Design Award of Excellence for Elements. WilkinsonEyre’s striking vision for the bridge won an international design competition in 2014.  This sculptural landmark was designed in collaboration with Zeidler and completed in 2017.

The jury commented that it’s, “a remarkable feat of architecture creates connectivity in a dense commercial zone. Instead of a utilitarian structure connecting busy commercial zones, this structure captured the public’s imagination by achieving a sense of tactile and visual dynamism that enhanced the existing architecture. The overpass bridge serves as an intermediary for inhabitants to experience space while carefully filtering and framing views of the surrounding context forming novel vantage points.”

CF Eaton Centre Bridge revitalises a connection between two shopping malls in downtown Toronto by providing an attractive, landmark pedestrian crossing above the street. The brief required a new enclosed bridge to replace an outdated and inefficient span between two important shopping destinations. The design had to resolve a disparity between the architecture of the historic Hudson’s Bay Centre and the 1970s Eaton Centre. The springing point for the bridge were predefined – emerging from the existing arches of the older building on one side, and on the other, taking the opportunity to move the landing point at the Eaton Centre from a hidden position into the main atrium.

Director Dominic Bettison, says; “The elegant new CF Toronto Eaton Centre Bridge provides a huge improvement to the quality of the urban realm along Queen Street. The dramatic twisting form of the bridge and the incorporation of materials such as bronze and glass panelling helps to link the historic Hudson Bay Building to the more modern Toronto Eaton centre in a metaphorical hand shake between buildings across Queen Street."

You can learn more about the project here.