CF Toronto Eaton Centre Bridge

Toronto, Canada

WilkinsonEyre and Zeidler were appointed by Cadillac Fairview to replace Queen Street Bridge - an existing connection between two shopping malls in downtown Toronto. The new dynamic sculptural form will create a civic landmark for the City of Toronto, designed to enhance the urban realm experience for both passers-by and for the bridge users within.

The wave-like structure unites old and new, twisting its’ bronze cladded form from the curved archway of Hudson Bay’s Victorian façade, graduating into expansive glass panels to unify with the modern rectangular geometry of the glass fronted Eaton Centre. The dynamic design, spanning 35 metres across Queen Street is composed of 200 etched bronze panels and 355 curved glass panels.  

Assembly of the bridge took place in nearby James Street and the steel structure was carefully moved and jacked into place above Queen Street in July this year. 

The new bridge will carry an estimated two million people annually and is constructed to withstand a weight of 70,080 kgs.