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Who could have foreseen that a global pandemic would bring such vast changes to the way we live our lives, our working lives and movement patterns? Happily, with improving conditions, the world seems to be united in looking for a better future.  It is the moment to address globally important questions in pursuit of a fair and environmentally responsible society, and the ways our built environment has to respond. 

It is abundantly clear that wherever we are in the world our appetite for coming together, for gathering in environments that promote exchange, entertainment and stimulus, remains strong.  The fundamental role of cities as conveners and economic generators is as relevant as at any time in human history.  But it is a great time to look at the quality of both buildings and public space, and ask ourselves whether we can do better?

As a practice associated with prize-winning bridges, it is perhaps not surprising we have for many years explored and progressed the complex relationship between architecture, engineering and infrastructure. This is a subject we continue to pursue through new designs and in architectural debate.

At the same time, we approach every brief from a human perspective, seeking to optimise the experience of users and occupiers through intuitive wayfinding, comfort, the promotion of wellbeing and the celebration of art and culture. In this, we seek to elevate the act of building through the introduction of striking and thoughtful features along with an insistence on lasting quality. Building better is central to a sustainable future and we are excited about the new opportunities for environmentally responsive design now coming forward.