The Sketchbooks of Chris Wilkinson

Despite being at the forefront of high-tech innovation in architecture, Chris Wilkinson OBE RA is an architect who believes passionately in the importance of drawing by hand. Where many practices are now dominated by computer aided design, Wilkinson still uses drawing as a way to think through ideas, to grapple with design problems and as a tool of communication. This volume brings together images selected from twenty years of Wilkinson’s sketchbooks, presenting a fascinating record not just of draughtsmanship but of the creation of architectural narrative.

Covering every stage of the design process, this unique insight into the working drawings of a hugely influential architect includes sketches for many of his practice’s most groundbreaking works – from structures for the London Olympics to the restoration and reconstruction of the three Grade II listed gas holders in Kings Cross, London – as well as a gazetteer with photographs of the final projects. 

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