A day in the life of a Part I at WilkinsonEyre - Braydan Barratt

My day begins with a walk to work from my flat in north London, I like to explore the city and am keen to do my bit for the environment. We recently had a series of events organised by the Green Group at WilkinsonEyre where amongst other activities, we made personal green pledges. These events were timed to coincide with the COP21 Paris conference, and walking to work every day was one of mine.

I am working in a team for the King’s Cross Gasholders project which involves the re-use of a triplet of Grade II listed gasholder frames to provide 145 apartments. The scheme is on site and is due to complete next year.

When I get to my desk I make a cup of tea and have a chat to Elliot, a senior architect who sits next to me, about what we have in store that day. At the moment I am focusing on the production of construction drawings for the common areas and the residential amenities package. I am also the keeper of the team biscuit jar (a very important task!)

At 11am we have a meeting with a potential supplier to discuss different options for the atrium balustrade. Before the meeting I model and visualise the various options for an exploratory study. This is a good experience to see the dynamics of sourcing specific materials for unique projects such as this one.

During my lunch hour I catch up with friends in other teams and we eat together in the café space.

In the afternoon I assist Jeff, the project associate for the Gasholders project, to set up a presentation to members of the international press. This is a great opportunity to see the project as a whole, from the initial concept studies to the final details, including a range of development models, all made by our in house modelshop.

As its Friday, from 5.30pm we have Beer O’Clock, but this week we have a special event called Sketch O’Clock, where the office has been invited to submit sketches of the local area and get together for a pin up. I am a keen sketcher and have an Instagram account where I post a drawing a day, so I submitted a couple of my drawings of Camden. Sketching featured a lot in my university work, which I also displayed at WilkinsonEyre for the Part I Pin Up, which occurs in the autumn once a year.