Southampton SeaCity Museum

Southampton, UK

This new museum tells the story of Southampton's maritime heritage, and in particular the connection between the city and the Titanic, which sank in the North Atlantic in 1912 just a few days after leaving Southampton. As a maritime city with a long port history, this part of Southampton's identity – past and present – is almost completely hidden from public view, and the new museum reinforces the city as a cultural destination as it marked the centenary of the Titanic disaster in 2012.

This new museum tells the story of Southampton's maritime heritage and is housed in the city's Grade II* listed Magistrates' Court, one of the most important 1930s building complexes in the south of England and the first 'civic centre' in the UK. The project provides 3,105m² of accommodation, 2,000m² of which is exhibition and learning spaces. The new galleries tell the Titanic story from the perspective of the crew and their families using personal objects, documents, photographs and oral history testimony from the collections. The main hall recreates the dockside scene in Southampton as the Titanic prepared to depart.