Gatwick Pier 6 Connector

Gatwick, UK

The Pier 6 Connector is a project delivered off-framework for British Airport Authority at London Gatwick. The project connects the existing North Terminal to new satellite serving stands that were previously serviced by bus movements across the taxi apron. The 197m-long bridge link provides for flow-separated passenger movement and is one of only two globally to span a live taxiway.

The bridge is composed of two decks cantilevered transversely from a central spine truss. The shallow arch profile, amended from a taller tied-arch reference design, allows visibility of the North Terminal stands and the runway from the visual control tower beyond.

Each deck accommodates fixed and travelator paths, allowing for passengers to view aircraft passing beneath. The clearance is configured for the passage of all operational aircraft up to A380s, which are not accommodated on Pier 6 stands.

The structure, including the glazed envelope and MEP fit-out was fully assembled at a remote airside compound, then moved into position across the airfield and jacked into operational position during short taxiway possessions. The bridge is a major landmark for Gatwick, providing passengers with a visible reference point in an airport lacking visual cohesion due to continual expansion.