Dyson Headquarters

Malmesbury, UK

At the time that WilkinsonEyre was invited to design this new factory and headquarters building, Dyson was one of the fastest growing companies in the UK. The new development therefore needed to embrace an extensive range of uses and be built and occupied in a rolling programme.

Our masterplan for the overall site optimised the layout of a range of functions whilst incorporating flexibility for future expansion. Our design created an exciting yet economical space with an undulating wave form roof which 'floats' above the trees, disguising the bulk of the factory.

The architecture is derived from a clear expression of the structure and a limited palette of materials, and is designed as repetitions of a standard module.

New and existing buildings on the site are linked by an exciting crystalline cube, distinguished by a lightweight canopy, which contrasts with the 'sheds' either side and draws in approaching visitors.