City and Islington College: Centre for Business, Arts and Technology

London, UK

This project forms part of City and Islington College's ongoing rationalisation programme, and follows our initial commission for the design of their Centre for Lifelong Learning at Finsbury Park. This scheme includes the upgrade of an existing 1960s building along with the creation of a new four-storey extension.

The upgrading represents an innovative exemplar in the regeneration of this building type, which is common to the education sector. A dramatic new glass skin, open at the top and bottom, sits a metre in front of the existing 80m facade on the Camden Road frontage.

This buffer zone modifies the internal environment of the existing building, allowing occupants to open the windows for ventilation without suffering noise or pollution from the busy road outside.

The skin is composed of accentuated horizontal bands and striated with four different degrees of translucency, allowing for digital messaging to be projected along its length.