Carlsberg Brewhouse, Visitor Centre

Copenhagen, Denmark

The Carlsberg Brewhouse is one of best examples of Denmark's industrial cultural heritage. Its elegant rawness and beautifully ornate functionality make it unique and intriguing, and provide the perfect home for a new brand experience and visitor centre.

WilkinsonEyre's concept springs both from the Carlsberg brand and the existing Brewhouse building. Visitors are invited on a surprising, stimulating yet logical journey through the building, which reflects the Carlsberg world in an exciting architecture.

Every room in the building shows a different experience, with a myriad of interactive and collaborative features which connect the visitor – and the outside world via social networks – with the Carlsberg experience. A new roof with a lively profile, including a rooftop terrace and bar area, reflects the past uses of the building.

Carlsberg is a global icon that embodies quality, heritage and personality. This project leaves the building largely untouched in its textured patina, adding refined elements to emphasise the existing characteristics, contrasting the heavier, older features with crisp, contemporary interventions.