Bath Railway Station

Bath, UK

Following our early work on the design of Bath Southgate Bus Interchange, WilkinsonEyre was commissioned to complete the transport interchange with improvements to the nearby railway station. With the River Avon to the south, the redeveloped station acts as a threshold to the historic city of Bath to the north, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The project has altered the listed railway station building to improve its operational function, and is centred around the new Station Plaza which links the bus and railway stations. This public space acts as the key organiser for the interchange, controlling the disposition of the various elements of the scheme and reinforcing clarity for users.

The new civic plaza is flanked by the opened up vault spaces, which are lightly glazed providing retail opportunities at the heart of the interchange. Extensive cycle parking and seating are provided within the square. Alongside the work to the original structure a major new commercial unit of restaurants is accommodated at platform level on the site of the former car park.