Aldgate Tower

London, UK

The design for this building follows previous feasibility studies by WilkinsonEyre for a number of buildings in an around this site at a major gateway to the City of London.

Early masterplan proposals identified the opportunity for new commercial development and public space with the closure of an existing gyratory system that encircled the site. Our proposals allow for phased development, across a number of sites, for a number of different developers. Aldgate Tower is the first of the consented schemes to be completed following the closure of the road and completion of the adjacent park in 2010.

Aldgate Tower is a 18-storey office tower, with 20,000ft² office plates, above a double-height reception area. The cladding takes the form of two, gently curved, folded planes; one wrapping the north and east façades, the other wrapping the south and west. At the upper levels, the south and west façades cut back to create a southwest facing roof terrace that helps to reduce the overall visual mass of the building.

Deep, column free, office floorplates surround a central core, with a 1500mm planning grid allowing for flexibility and the potential for a range of different space planning layouts.