At WilkinsonEyre we believe that innovation, collaboration and good design can further sustainability goals.

Since the inception of the practice in 1983, we have consistently pushed the integration of architecture, engineering and technology. We seek to optimise the synergy between good aesthetics, structure, and environmental design, to draw out the best aspects of each with elegance and economy.

This ethos has driven WilkinsonEyre to deliver innovative, efficient and beautiful design solutions that achieve a balance between ethical, environmental, social and economic sustainability. We embrace the fundamental principle of “doing more with less” that inspired the high-tech architectural movement and have successfully interpreted this philosophy to design for the urgent environmental needs of the 21st Century.

Our global reach and diversity portfolio offer us a broad range of opportunities for sustainable design; we will always strive to explore and outpace given targets to optimise energy performance whilst delivering viable solutions, incorporating innovation and design flair as we do so. 

Read our Sustainability Manifesto here.