The creative design process is complex and has many starting points, but one of the simplest ways to communicate ideas – especially in the early stages – is by drawing.  For WilkinsonEyre, the design process starts with getting to know the brief and analysing the site context.  This is often followed by a series of sketches that explore ideas.  Known parameters can be established and fresh concepts overlaid upon them. These early drawing may offer clear direction or may trigger a thought process for discussion with other members of the design team.  Since architecture is a collaborative activity, drawing becomes the language of communication and a few well-chosen lines often convey thoughts better than words ever can.

The language of drawing requires a vocabulary.  For an architect this involves plans, sections, elevations, perspectives and axonometric projections.  With complex shapes you have to explore in 3D from the start.  Drawings explain concepts, spatial arrangements, circulation, structure and details.  A process that starts with ideas and concepts, continues with layouts and leads on to construction details delivered through highly sophisticated CAD and BIM processes.  However, it may all start with a pencil.