​Thinking through drawing: Chris Wilkinson RA, 3 September 2015 – 14 February 2016

This September, the Royal Academy of Arts presents an exhibition by Chris Wilkinson RA bringing together 30 years of his architectural drawings and sketchbooks.

For Chris, the sketchbook is not just a place to draw but a place to order thoughts, to graphically and visually gather information and to develop a design response. He believes passionately in the importance of drawing by hand, particularly in an age dominated by digital media. This exhibition contains a selection of his sketchbooks, drawings and watercolours from the last three decades, alongside architectural objects. They reveal his design thinking, from initial site studies and early concepts to design development and construction on projects including the Mary Rose Museum, Portsmouth, Maggie’s Centre, Oxford, and the Kings Cross Gasholders, London.

The exhibition will be open: Tuesday–Friday, 10am–4pm
Saturday and Sunday, 10am–6pm
Closed Monday

A book to accompany the exhibition, The Sketchbooks of Chris Wilkinson, has been published by the RA and is available online.

For further information including curator tours and admission prices please visit the RA website: www.royalacademy.org.uk/exhibition/chris-wilkinson-thinking-through-drawing

A specially commissioned film by Candida Richardson will accompany the exhibition.

Thinking through drawing: Chris Wilkinson RA

Film by Candida Richardson © 2015