WilkinsonEyre wins planning for 18 Blackfriars, SE1

WilkinsonEyre with Brisac Gonzales have secured planning consent for 18 Blackfriars, a 111,500m² mixed use scheme in London, SE1.

The design of the scheme continues WilkinsonEyre’s work on the redevelopment of this site, having previously secured planning permission for a mixed-use tower in 2009. Bordering Blackfriars Road and Stamford Street, the proposals include a 178.5m high residential tower containing 227 new homes, a 550-bed hotel and 96 affordable housing units (35 off site).  A range of on-site retail, a small live music venue and a 136m high office tower by Brisac Gonzales complete the scheme gathered around a new public square. Pedestrian permeability and high quality public realm are key design elements.

At 53 storeys the residential tower by WilkinsonEyre has been designed to create a unique new building on the London skyline that sits comfortably within the emerging cluster of towers. A deliberately slender form has been developed with a simple rectilinear floorplate, which has been sculpted to appear as a series of separated stacked blocks. The glazed façades of each block are then orientated at subtly varied angles to catch the light in different ways and break down the form of the tower. Generous winter gardens are provided for all the residential units with planted balconies at the ‘collar’ levels between each expressed block. The top of the tower is finished with lightweight glass overruns that create a recognisable silhouette against the sky.