WilkinsonEyre completes a modular undergraduate village for Dyson

Delivering fresh thinking in modular, pre-fabricated construction, the Dyson Institute of Engineering and Technology creates a new typology in undergraduate student accommodation. Stacked up to three pods high, the units are innovatively arranged and angled in the campus landscape to provide every student with high-quality accommodation complete with a scenic view. Now complete, the project establishes a new typology in student accommodation while breaking new ground in the design and engineering of modular and prefabricated construction. 

The cross-laminated timber accommodation pods are wrapped in a layer of super insulation and clad in anodised aluminium. Each pod has a triple-glazed face, with a dark grey accoya frame, painted dark grey to offset the pods’ metal casing. Internally, the Cross Laminated Timber structure has been left exposed to create warming and natural living environments and to showcase the strength of the material’s natural properties.

Placed in central view of the pods, the communal Roundhouse provides a social and education hub at the heart of the campus. A circular, stand-alone building, the Roundhouse provides café, bar and study space for students to relax and socialise, creating a community of Dyson students.

In keeping with the stead-fast increase in creating healthy and sustainable buildings, the project places the wellbeing of Dyson students at its heart. Each pod has been designed with natural ventilation while benefitting from the excellent thermal mass performance of the CLT structure. Each pod is fitted with a wide, open window creating expansive views across the campus. To create the feel of a student village each pod has its own front door. The dynamic arrangement of the pods has created a series of collective social spaces for the students to enjoy both internally and externally. The landscaped setting is integral in providing green space in which students can interact and which additionally allows easy access to the nearby Dyson Woodland Walk. 

Yasmin Al-Ani Spence, WilkinsonEyre Director said: 

WilkinsonEyre wanted to demonstrate the beauty of modular construction when designed and delivered to the highest quality. Our latest project for Dyson has created unique student residencies with identity.