WilkinsonEyre’s University of Exeter Forum reaches completion

The Forum, a hub for students, designed by WilkinsonEyre has been opened at the University of Exeter. The £48 million project provides a new entrance for the University's Streatham campus and houses new student facilities and teaching accommodation beneath a soaring timber-framed ETFE and copper roof.

The Forum links essential facilities such as the Great Hall, lecture theatres and the Student Guild along a galleried, indoor high-street, lined with cafes, a shop and a bank. A student services centre takes a prominent position within the new building, broadening and enhancing the range and availability of pastoral services that the University offers. A newly built state-of-the-art 400 seat auditorium, specially commissioned public art, landscaped open spaces and refurbished library complete the Forum, making it the heart of the social and academic life of the University.

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