Gresham St Pauls Refurbishment - Carbon Footprint Analysis

WilkinsonEyre are pleased to publish, on behalf of Stanhope plc, a Sustainability Study on Gresham St Pauls, a deep refurbishment and extension project in the City of London.  The building dates from 1995 and is a good example of a conventional, high quality commercial office building reaching the end of its current letting cycle.  We hope that this project, now approaching completion, has significant applicability to the ageing commercial office estate in many parts of the world.

The study has been undertaken by WilkinsonEyre and MACE on behalf of Stanhope and the client AFIAA.  It compares, at a high level, the embodied and operational carbon footprint of Gresham St Paul’s in three scenarios; the refurbishment and extension project; a minimal option of keeping the existing building ‘ticking over’; and a total knockdown and new build on the site.

  • The study concludes that the refurbishment is the best option for the site on three metrics;
  • Adding only marginally to the whole life carbon footprint of the building fabric, due to a limited introduction of new area during refurbishment along with façade upgrades
  • Reduces the overall whole life carbon emissions of the building significantly compared to the other options
  • Reduces significantly the whole life carbon emissions of the building per occupant                     

We are confident that the study adds to the property market’s understanding of the carbon benefit of refurbishment, and look forward to sharing these findings with the wider industry.  Please get in touch with questions or comments.

Read the report here