Official MCC update on Compton and Edrich Stands at Lord’s Cricket Ground

Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), owner of Lord’s Cricket Ground in London, has provided an official update on the construction of the new WilkinsonEyre designed Compton and Edrich Stands and the impact Coronavirus has had on the project to date.

The original plan was for a two-year phased programme delivery which would have the new stands functional and ready for the 2020 cricket season, and fully complete for 2021. Work onsite has continued with significant progress made despite unavoidable delays throughout construction. MCC and its building contractor ISG Construction broke ground in September and the old Compton and Edrich Stands were demolished in December. Work on the new stands then began in January and February with concrete to be laid in March and April. With the programme slipping behind schedule, the MCC was granted unprecedented permission from Westminster Council allowing builders to work every weekend for a four-month period which brought the project timeline back on track.

Inevitably, the programme encountered further delays following the outbreak of Coronavirus however with the swift implementation of stringent social distancing measures, work has continued safely with 100 to 125 operatives on the site each day. As such, floodlight installation resumed on the 27th of May and is due to be finished within the next week and installation of the new Compton and Edrich scoreboard will be integrated into the existing scoreboard by the end of July. So far, a total of 141,000 hours of work on-site have been recorded in May and £30m of the £52.5m budget has been spent to date. Between now and April 2021, roughly £2m will be spent per month and the works are set to be completed in May next year.

Once completed, two new three-tier stands will sit either side of the Media Centre and accommodate around 11,500 members of the public at the Nursery End of the Ground. The stands will increase capacity by 2,500 seats and include 400 Debenture seats and associated dining facilities, 12 food and beverage outlets and two hospitality restaurants. Linked via a new walkway behind the media centre, the new stands will greatly improve the east facing frontage next to the Nursery Ground, creating a new and improved view for fans arriving from all over the world on match days.

Addressing members in a webinar, Robert Ebdon, assistant secretary of estates at MCC, said: “There have been supply chain issues to contend with and normal productivity levels were initially reduced to around 60 per cent but ISG have done a truly incredible job in recovering output to near normal levels now. We’ll therefore be ready for cricket to return to Lord’s if that is the case in August. The plan is for building works to continue through whatever cricket does take place in August, September and October this year. ISG are on programme to deliver the new stands on time at the start of May 2021.”

Read the full statement here.