Mary Rose Museum opens to the public

WilkinsonEyre is the architect and design team leader for the Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, which opens to the public on 31 May 2013.

The design of the new £27m museum – by WilkinsonEyre and Pringle Brandon Perkins+Will (architect for the interior) – is a story of collaboration, with the project team combining delicate conservation, contemporary architecture and specialist technical expertise.

The result is a truly unique design that reveals the secrets of the famous Tudor ship, marking 30 years since the hull of the Mary Rose was raised from the Solent where she lay undiscovered for 437 years.

Chris Wilkinson, Founding Director at WilkinsonEyre said: "When you have a treasure like the Mary Rose, which continues to capture the world's imagination, the architecture of the building takes a supporting role. However, the building has a very significant part to play in projecting the Museum and its remarkable collection to the world, creating intrigue and heightening the visitor experience of this major cultural attraction."