Lord's C&E Shortlisted for AJ100 Building of the Year

We are excited to announce that the Compton and Edrich stands at Lord’s Cricket Ground have been shortlisted for the AJ100 Building of the Year Award 2022. Our approach seeks to add to the distinctive architecture for which Lord’s has become renowned, a place where historic and contemporary buildings of the highest quality constitute the global Home of Cricket. 

The stands, designed with structural engineers Buro Happold, deliver greatly improved sightlines and an enhanced spectator experience for cricket fans, as well as upgrading capacity, accessibility, and amenities at the country’s premier cricket venue.

The design concept of the stands is in keeping with both the historic and contemporary architectural context of the venue. The stands form part of an overall composition that includes the iconic Grade II*-listed Pavilion, the J.P. Morgan Media Centre, the Grand, Mound, and Warner stands, with each stand presenting a clear expression of the engineering principles behind it.

The new Compton and Edrich stands, constructed by contractor ISG, sit either side of the iconic J.P. Morgan Media Centre at the famous Nursery end of the Ground. They feature a canopy roof, integrated facilities, and an elevated walkway facing the Nursery Ground that connects the two new stands and link into the Mound and Grand stands. At 24m high, they are now the tallest stands at the venue allowing unrivalled views of the field of play, featuring three tiers that elevate the spectator experience.

The stands provide an additional 2,600 seats, increasing the Ground’s overall capacity to 31,180. Half of the 11,600 seats fitted have been re-used from the previous stands to mitigate waste. The stands also have wheelchair accessible positions, facilities, and lift access at all levels. Additionally, for the first time, they also house two pitch-facing restaurants, two hospitality suites, 12 additional food and drink outlets and integrated washroom facilities.

Click this link to learn more about the Compton & Edrich Stands.