Dyson Demo opens on Fifth Avenue, New York

WilkinsonEyre has once again collaborated with Dyson on the design for the latest Demo store, which opened last week on Fifth Avenue, New York. The Demo has a 10 metre high glass atrium entrance and continues the theme of providing a unique gallery-like experience, where products are displayed on plinths like artworks, while technical information is communicated on video walls. 

The space offers an experience that goes beyond product display, and celebrates the design, engineering and innovation of Dyson products.

WilkinsonEyre designed the first Dyson showroom in Paris back in December 2000, which pioneered the concept of displaying the Dyson vacuum cleaners like sculptures in a gallery. With the success of the Paris showroom, WilkinsonEyre worked closely with the Dyson team to develop the concept for Dyson Demo in London, which opened in the summer of 2016. This is the most recent addition to a growing number of Dyson Demo spaces opening in other major cities around the world including Union Square, San Francisco.