Block 2 Canada's Parliament Building

We’re delighted to be one of six finalists to have presented our concept design yesterday for Block 2 of Canada's Parliament. Our proposal is respectful to the dignity of the Parliamentary Triad and Indigenous Peoples building and seeks to reinforce the visual and symbolic pre-eminence of Parliament Hill.

Our design presents a new identity, embracing all the peoples of Canada through a series of buildings that move beyond the architectural motifs of an empire which defined many of the surrounding buildings. This new identity reflects the broad diversity of modern-day Canadians, based on mutual respect and a shared connection with nature, the seasons, Canada’s distinct regions and its unique landscapes.

The buildings will provide high standards of amenity for Parliamentarians and the visiting public whilst allowing for appropriate public engagement, education and scrutiny of the process of democracy. The atriums have been designed as visually warm and inclusive areas, characterised by the incorporation of organic forms and fluid shapes. A series of meeting pods float within each atrium space. These soft, organic forms are clad with timber strips, reminiscent of hand-woven baskets. 

Thank you to our local partners Idea Inc. and our team Evoq,  RJC Engineers, The Mitchell PartnershipMulvey & Banani & Atelier Ten. The judging will be taking place next week, with an outcome expected shortly after.