Battersea Power Station Chimney Lift Trials

We’re delighted that the Battersea Power Station chimney lift has completed its first test run.  Once completed the chimney lift will carry up to 30 passengers, it will emerge 109m later from the top of the 50m-tall chimney to reveal 360-degree views across London. Set to open in September 2022, the attraction will be open to the public as well as for private events, with the experience beginning with an exhibition on the Power Station’s history in Turbine Hall A.

“Architecturally it’s a fantastic journey through the 50m NW chimney to end up elevated more than 100m above ground altogether.  The first challenge was integrating the circular lift car into a gently tapering shaft, as the chimneys aren’t straight. And secondly there could be no conventional suspension cabling as this would compromise the concept of uninterrupted upward and outward views.  This is going to be a real experience – emerging to breath-taking, unobstructed 360 degree views across London, the river and the rest of the Power Station below. The design of the enclosure with its glass walls is bespoke and the detailing is superb.  It’s one of my favourite parts of the whole scheme and a brilliant way to bring everyone up close and intimate with the world’s most famous chimneys!”  Sebastien Ricard, Director

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