Life in Rubavu

While construction is well underway for the bridge, the team have also been capturing and reflecting on all things Rwanda. 

Hungry workers need plenty of food to keep going. Led by Maureen from Bridges to Prosperity, James and Balint partnered up to take a trip to the local market. The market was near Lake Kivu in the local town of Rubavu and sells an amazing mixture of raw ingredients. 

The market was a real baptism of fire with no room to stand and stop, the market guide kept the team on their toes. People were passing through with over 30kg of weight on their heads moving swiftly amongst the organised chaos of the market. Having procured avocado, pineapple, tomatoes, potatoes, sweet potato and more rice and beans it was time to head back to site to cook up a storm. 

After lunch the team took a quick break before getting back to construction to challenge the local workers and community to  a friendly game of football. 

Towards the end of the day the local school children began their choir practice which was a brilliant end to a hard day's work. However all was not so simple, as the team were driving home on the rocky roads their path was blockaded by a truck stuck in the mud. Two hours later the team were on the move again and homeward bound for a good nights sleep!