Kazabe Footbridge, Rwanda + Construction Team

In collaboration with Bridges to Prosperity, WilkinsonEyre and COWI are proud to be sending a team of nine staff to help construct a 43-meter suspension bridge across the river Sebeya in Rwanda. 

Founded in 2012, Bridges to Prosperity are an international charity, who work with local communities, partners and foundations to build footbridges that connect residents to education, health care and economic opportunity.

In 2013, Bridges to Prosperity undertook a national assessment together with RTDA (Rwanda Transport Development Agency) and found that 335 footbridges were required in Rwanda alone. 

Since then, B2P have partnered with 14 out of 30 districts in Rwanda and have subsequently designed and delivered 37 bridges in Rwanda to date. 

The Kazabe suspension bridge, located in Rubavu, will provide a new footbridge for the local communities of Kigarama-Musabike. The residents of the Kigarama-Musabike community farm tea, beans, maize, and sweet potatoes and sell their goods at the market to provide for their families. Currently, the crossing is used primarily by students, who must cross in order to access primary and secondary schools, and tea plantation workers. The Sebeya river is impassable for roughly 45 days out of the year. During a flood, students cannot attend school, the tea plantation workers cannot safely get to work, and residents are isolated from the nearest health centre and market, as there is no alternative place to cross the river.

When complete, the 43-meter Kazabe suspension bridge will provide safe, year round access to critical services.

Current site conditions


                                                                                                         Meet the team!

Friedrich, WilkinsonEyre

Friedrich has been with WilkinsonEyre since 2012 and has been involved in a number of cultural and commercial projects for the practice. Friedrich is looking forward to contributing to the construction of the Kazabe Footbridge and engaging with the local cultures and communities of Kigarama – Musabike.

Richard, WilkinsonEyre

Richard is a member of the WilkinsonEyre bridge team; recently he worked on a new opening bridge in Copenhagen. He is drawn to bridges as infrastructure that can be functional, beautiful and used by all. Richard sees the Kazabe Footbridge as a great chance to build a bridge with the people who will benefit from it.

Balint, COWI

Originally from Hungary, Balint currently works in COWI's London office. Balint is passionate about engineering as a means to connect both people and cities. He sees the upcoming Bridges to Prosperity project as a fanstastic opportunity to use his passion and technical skills to construct a new footbridge in Rwanda. 

Maggie, WilkinsonEyre

Maggie joined WilkinsonEyre in 2014, working on a range of competition and projects, from stadiums and museums to commercial offices. While in Kazabe, Maggie will act as Communications Lead to document the project as a whole; bringing together her passion for architecture and volunteering. 

James, WilkinsonEyre

James joined WilkinsonEyre in 2009. He is currently working on the redevelopment of Battersea Power Station. James is looking forward to being part of the great team heading out to Rwanda to deliver a much-needed bridge across the River Sebeya for the local community of Kigarama-Musabike.

Clotilde, COWI

Clotidle is a French structural engineer who joined COWI in 2014. She is currently working on the assessment of an existing concrete bridge in England. She is looking forward to meeting the Kigarama-Musabike community and working directly with them on site to build the bridge.

Margherita, COWI

Margherita is an Italian civil engineer who joined the COWI Bridge team in London about a year ago. She loves sports and travelling; having never travelled to Rwanda, Margherita is excited to learn more about the local culture and to meet the communities of Kigarama-Musabike. 

Oliver, COWI

Oliver joined COWI's bridge team in 2008 and is currently leading the independent check of a 290m cable stayed bridge in India. He is looking forward to getting to grips with the site and providing hands on expertise to ensure the successful delivery of the bridge. 

Fernando, COWI

Fernando is a Spanish structural engineer working for COWI's bridge design and maintenance department. He has recently been involved in the design of 1915 Çanakkale Bridge, a suspension bridge with a main span of 2023 m. The Bridges to Prosperity project will combine his affinity with engineering with his love for travel.