Kazabe Bridge is Officially Complete!

The Kazabe Bridge is officially finished! After two weeks of hard work and collaboration between COWI, WilkinsonEyre and the Bridges to Prosperity team on the ground, the bridge is now ready to be put into use by the local community. 

Kazabe Bridge is unique in that unlike other Bridges to Prosperity projects, it provides a direct link to both a local school and a community church. There is no doubt that the new connection will be of vital use to many generations of people in the area both young and old. 

To mark the end of the project, the construction team were treated to a celebratory barbecue in the village of Rubavu. 

Ex Community Chief, Laurent, gave a speech about the communities' experience throughout the two weeks of the project. He especially noted how much he loved seeing a mixture of people and cultures come together to work as a team to deliver such an important project. This was swiftly followed by dancing, drinking and eating long into the night! 

Congratulations to the construction team on the successful delivery of the project and sincere thanks to everyone who has helped along the way including donating to and promoting the fantastic work of the Bridges to Prosperity initiative!