Arriving in Kigali and Construction Day One

Our #KazabeBridge team have officially arrived in Kigali to begin their Rwandan adventure! 

Flying out in the middle of rainy season, the team were greeted by torrential rain as they arrived at their local accommodation. Before construction got going properly, the whole team took the opportunity to do some sightseeing and take a quick stroll through the city centre. 
After an unexpected hike up a hill and a quick bite to eat, the team headed back to the hotel to meet with the Bridges to Prosperity team, and get the low-down on plans for the coming two weeks. To round off the day, they were taken to a local restaurant where they were treated to some delicious slow roast goat! 

The cars arrived in the morning and after some hasty packing they began to load the trucks. 

Once Gregary, Stephanie, Ken and Maureen from Bridges to Prosperity arrived they headed off to the supermarkets to buy the initial bulk of groceries. This was guided by the host for the trip, Maureen. Described by Maggie as if she were a “contestant on Supermarket Sweep”, the team swept up 30L of oil, 40 cans of tomato puree, 60 eggs, 9 loafs of bread and 5kg of rice. 
Once in Rubavu (the location of the site) the team had the opportunity to meet the local community including those who they would be working with on the construction. They also suddenly became very popular with the local children who were very excited to meet them. As the sun set, they went over the construction plan for the next day with site manager, Claude and took some time to reflect on what they had seen and learnt in the first few days on the project!