Science Museum Medicine Galleries

London, UK

WilkinsonEyre’s commission for the Medicine Galleries followed a design competition which called for the creation of a ground-breaking suite of new galleries to showcase the world’s largest and most significant collection of medical artefacts, and position medicine at the centre of the Science Museum. 

Based on the extraordinary collections of Sir Henry Wellcome and the Science Museum, the new galleries will house over 2,000 objects – highlighting the very best of the most significant medicine collections in the world. Covering more than 3,000mthe galleries will be almost double the size of the Museum’s existing Medicine Galleries.

Through the use of elegant and thoughtful design to create engaging displays and participative experiences, the galleries will reveal personal stories about how our lives have been transformed by changes in medicine and health over the last 400 years.

These landmark galleries will combine the sophistication of the world’s greatest art galleries with the Science Museum’s expertise in contemporary interpretation to deliver beautiful, collections-focused experiences that explore medicine as a major scientific and cultural force.